Physiological Menstrual Delay
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Physiological Menstrual Delay, Life Tips Teach You to Keep it Healthy

The pressure of life and work cause female menstruation unregular. The time of menstruation is early or late, menstrual flow amount is abnormal, and physiological pain is too strong. These are all women’s menstrual diseases. there are many reasons for the late of menstrual cycle in woman. which are mainly divided into physiological and pathological. Needless to say, if it caused by pathological, we need to treat the disease timely; if it caused by physiological, we need pay attention to our daily life habits and living environment. then how to adjust the physiological menstrual of delay? Let’s take a look at what the experts say. How can we do if menstruation is delayed? 1, drug. If the menstruation is postponed and there is no problem with the medical examination, you can go to the hospital to inject the progesterone needle. Generally, a few days of menstruation will arrive as scheduled. 2, avoid cold drinks. Some female friends like to eat cold food, especially a lot of cold drinks, It causes cold in the body that make menstruation delay or even amenorrhea for a few months. for this group of people, usually they have to keep diet regular, can not eat cold drinks, ice Water, cold food, in addition, usually drink more ginger tea, more bubble feet, and use a hot water bottle to care for the lower abdomen. after half a month of conditioning, menstruation will naturally come. 3, dietary conditioning. People should pay attention to nutritional balance, in addition to protein intake, fat and sugar should be take appropriate. while people need pay attention to vitamin E, D and minerals such as iron and calcium supplement, because vitamin E can scavenge free radicals, improve skin elasticity, Delay the progression of gonadal atrophy, play an anti-aging role, and can regulate immune function, 150-300 mg per day. Drink red jujube longan boiled soup every day, and eat all the red dates and longan, which can make people blood adequate, while increasing the body’s essence, generally due to frail, anemia cause menstruation delay, people eat 2-3 Days, menstruation will come, very effective. 4, Acupoint massage. First take the supine position, first press the abdomen’s gas sea hole for about 1 minute with the right hand fish, then click the right side of the thumb and the ribbed face to click the three lower joints of the lower limbs, press each minute for one minute, and finally one hand. Massage the small abdomen for about 1 minute. Then change to the prone position, first massage the upper and lower back and forth in the lumbosacral region for 2 minutes, then press the Shenshu, Mingmen, and Bagua points for 30 minutes with the thumb of both hands. Feeling for the degree, and finally with both hands and five fingers at the same time to take the bilateral Shenshu points each 3 times, surgery. 5.Appropriate exercise. Appropriately strengthen exercise, exercise is conducive to promote metabolism and blood circulation. Exercise should be consistent, such as jogging, walking, radio exercises, shadowboxing. 6.forbidden to wash your hair during menstruation. It is strictly forbidden to wash your hair during menstruation, mainly because women’s resistance during menstruation is weak, and they are susceptible to wind cold. In nowdays, after the invention of modern hair dryer, as long as the hair is washed, it can be dried immediately, and then go to bed after the hair is dry. 7.Pay attention to keep warm during menstruation. When you are in the menstruation, you need keep warm, don’t eat cold food (including cold lettuce, watermelon, coconut juice, and the food that the refrigerator just take out or cold drink), do not eat sour vinegar, as well as cold food such as crabs and snails, so as cause menstrual cycles stop, drench, and more pain in menstruation. 8, do not lift heavy objects during menstruation. Do not lift heavy objects and exercise vigorously to avoid exertion of the lower abdomen, causing excessive or prolonged menstrual blood, but doing moderately gentle exercise can relax the muscles to promote blood circulation, prevent water retention, and promote the brain to secrete endorphins. 9.Develop good habits. To prevent irregular menstruation, you should try not to smoke in your daily life, and do not drink alcohol or caffeine. Alcohol can increase mood, headache, and fatigue, and trigger the urge to eat sweets; caffeine can promote breast pain, anxiety and irritability. 10. boil eggs with motherwort. Wash the eggs clean, then cook them in the pot with the motherwort, wait until the eggs are cooked, take eggs and get rid of the eggshells, cook them in the soup for 20 minutes, then eat the eggs and drink the soup, and It has very good results on delayed menstruation. 11. Ensure enough sleep. dinner should not be full, do not do strenuous exercise at night. Try to make life regular, avoid staying up late, overworked, which make menstruation return to normal. 12. See a doctor if necessary. If menstruation is delayed, continuous bleeding does not decrease after 24 hours, and the amount of bleeding is large, or the bleeding amount is too little so that no have, you should go to the doctor immediately.

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