Why Take Red Clover
Weight Loss

Why Take Red Clover, A Plant Based Whole Food?

Are you trying different weight loss supplements to shed pounds? Have you started a vegan or vegetarian diet just to lose weight? Wait a minute! A vegan or vegetarian diet may help you lose weight, but there are plenty of additional benefits associated with these diets too! Yes, a research study concluded that vegetarian diets are healthful and may help in the prevention and treatment of some diseases. A study conducted in 2013 by AICR indicated that vegetarians had 10 % lower risk of developing cancer when compared to non-vegetarians. Red clover herb (Botanical name-Trifolium pratense) is a plant-based whole food which you may include as a part of your vegetarian diet. Why consume this herb? What is so special about it? Keep on reading, you may get an answer at the end. Health Benefits Of Red Clover Helps Prevent Cardiovascular Disease- A research study indicated that red clover herb could help prevent atherosclerosis and thus, cardiovascular disease. If you are suffering from any cardiovascular disease then this herb may prove beneficial for you. Improves Menopausal Symptoms- Menopausal symptoms influence mental health, physical health and social performance of women. The improvement in the quality of life of menopausal women may help them stay happy and healthy. Hormone replacement therapy is here to combat menopausal symptoms, but often there are undesirable side effects associated with this therapy. As a result, the desire for alternative treatments has increased. The herbs containing phytoestrogens are preferable among alternative therapies. You may be wondering where you can find herbs containing phytoestrogens. Good news! Red clover is a rich source of phytoestrogens and a recent study published in the Gynecologic Endocrinology journal suggested that red clover isoflavone supplementation helps reduce menopausal symptoms). A dietary or weight loss supplement containing this herb may serve as a good option to deal with menopausal symptoms. Improves Glucose Levels- A recent study reported that people with type-2 diabetes benefit from daily consumption of a plant-based diet. This diet included an increase of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes and low-fat dairy products, but lowered consumption of red meat and fish. Soy isoflavones are most often studied for diabetes. Red clover herb is also a plant-based whole food that contains soy isoflavones. A recent animal study found that red clover extract (RCE) significantly improves the glucose level in diabetic mice. Why don’t you give this a try to manage your blood glucose level? Reduces Skin Aging- Skin is the outermost and the largest organ of our body. We must take care of it. Estrogen helps improve skin in many ways such as, by increasing collagen content, skin thickness and improving skin moisture. Plant extracts such as red clover herb contain high levels of isoflavones which have been shown to be effective in reducing skin aging induced by estrogen deprivation. Try to include this wonderful herb in your diet and enjoy the amazing skin health benefits. Helps Manage Inflammatory Disease- A research study demonstrated that RCE is not only good to deal with menopausal complaints but may also be a powerful chemopreventive agent against chronic diseases. Helps Maintain Bone Health- A diet containing phytoestrogens can be useful in bone remodeling and thus, helps in the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis. A research study showed that daily consumption of RC extracts improved bone status in healthy menopausal women. If you are having weak bones, you may want to include this herb in your diet plan to maintain the bone health naturally. How To Consume Red Clover Herb? Red clover leaves have a faint bean-like taste and they are pleasant to eat. You can also toss them into a salad. They can be added to soups as well. You may also make a tea using leaves of this plant. Flowers of this wild edible plant are preferable to eat. This herb is tastiest of all the clovers! An easy way to consume this herb is to take a dietary or weight loss supplement enriched with it. But make sure, the supplement is made from safe and natural ingredients. The one which is made from the proprietary blend of wonderful herbs including red clover herb may become a good choice for you. When nature has provided a natural solution to improve your health then why don’t give this a try? Let’s deal with daily health challenges with natural and powerful herbs. Check out your diet plan. If red clover herb is missing from it, then time has come to start including it. It is always advisable to consult your healthcare provider before starting any diet or dietary supplement.

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