What Are The Prior Reasons For Undergoing Vaser Lipo For Treating Excess Body Fats?
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What Are The Prior Reasons For Undergoing Vaser Lipo For Treating Excess Body Fats?

How It Is Different From Traditional Form Of Fat Removal Technique? Vaser Lipo process utilizes less invasive ultrasonic energy and cause no damage to the important surrounding tissues by targeting the fat deposits. This unique technique breaks the fat cells, deposits by leaving the other important tissues intact in their places. And later Results into significant or perfectly contoured body parts. It has the ability for differentiating between the targeted fats and other important tissues such ad nerves, blood vessels; connective tissues make this process unique. The procedure uses the proprietary vaser system for emulsification of fats cells and then removes them from body. Even promotes rapid healing with minimal pain and produce collagen in skin. Clinical Benefits For Opting The process This form of fat removal helps in providing smooth and contoured body with reduced fat cells and deposits. It helps in producing tighten and strengthen the skin contraction and also produce ore stimulate collagen to skin. It helps in reducing the pain, swelling and promotes fat loss with slimmer appearance to body. Smaller and large amount of fat cells are being treated under this resection with the involvement of small incisions. Causes no certain discomfort at the surgery performing with redefined body curves. The technique of the process The surgical procedure gets administrated under local anesthesia for making the recipient area of the body numb for commencing the surgery. After making small incisions a tumescent solution or fluid is injected through thin tube between the accumulated fats along with ultrasonic energy. The energy emitted from the ultrasonic vaser probe helps in breaking or jolting down the fats deposits and turn them into liquefied form. After emulsification a thin cannula is attached with vacuum pump used for aspiration of those fats without any damage to the surrounding tissues and also improves body contour and tones muscles. Ideal Candidacy Candidates who are in need to acquire athletic look by sculpting excess body fats. Must be in overall good health. Experiencing stubborn fatty deposits, fat pockets or accumulated fatty cells. Must have realistic expectations from the surgery. Non-responsive fat pockets, deposits after hard exercise and strict diet. Must refrain from smoking, drinking, and intake of medication before and after the procedure. Undergoing chemotherapy, reaction to anesthesia, lupus, and lungs disease are not permitted for this resection. Is it Right for Me? An individual who is frustrated by the resistance of certain areas of body after exercise and strict diet then vaser Lipo surgery is ideal for them. anyone seeking for fast, low -pain solution for unwanted body fats are ideal to opt this surgery, as this surgery helps in defining body perfectly. Surgeons assist decisions about the potential areas for contouring with desired results and also recovery time.

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