Test Tube Baby Hospital - A Quick Glance at The Five Stages of IVF Treatment

Test Tube Baby Hospital – A Quick Glance at The Five Stages of IVF Treatment

The next stage in wedlock is to have a baby. If you are also planning same then your share of happiness and joy cannot be expressed in a few words. However, if it has been more than a year and you are not able to conceive then visiting a doctor might be the right thing to do. In many cases, couples are diagnosed with the problem of infertility which is consequential to several reasons. Although there are a few things that you might be recommended to do so that you can conceive baby, however, despite making necessary changes in routine and lifestyle if nothing happens then visit the best test tube baby hospital. At test tube baby hospital, you will be explained about the IVF treatment. it is a scientific approach through which a woman can become pregnant. In this type of treatment, embryos removed from the human body are fertilized in the lab and implanted back in the human body. An attempt at pregnancy through this process is known as a cycle and can be categorized into five phases. Preparation Your body is manipulated with medicines. Doctors would prescribe medicine like Lupron for shutting down ovaries for a fortnight or two weeks. Stimulation Following Lupron medication, you will then get a set of up to fourteen shots of another medication such as hyper stimulate or pergonal egg production. After these shots, finally you will be prescribed a medication for boosting the maturity of eggs. Harvesting Once the eggs reach maturity, you are sedated heavily and usually five to fifteen eggs are suctioned from your ovaries through ultrasound guided vaginal retrieval. Fertilization Sperm and eggs meet each other in the lab. Nearly 100,000 motile sperm are introduced into every egg. The entire fertilization process is documented and the growing embryos are observed for 6 days. The main aim to observe is to see the growth, after the 6 or 8 cell stages, and advanced or blastocyst stage embryo transfer is common. There are many benefits of blastocyst transfer that you would like to discuss with your doctor. Embryo Transfer Moms now come back in this entire picture as three to four growing embryos are transferred back into the uterus in a process that resembles a PAP smear.in most cases, a new baby starts growing. Usually, it takes around 3 IVF cycles to establish a pregnancy. To Sum Up This is just a quick introduction to the IVF cycle. If you are considering one then remember that it can be an expensive affair. However, the fact that couples who have issues in conceiving baby often prefer it. As far as test tube baby price is concerned, you can get to know about it only after consulting a specialist.

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