How to Ensure a Healthy IVF Pregnancy?

How to Ensure a Healthy IVF Pregnancy?

Motherhood is a boon for all women. During pregnancy, the primary weeks or first few weeks of pregnancy is really the very crucial time or phase for any would-be mother. In order to have a successful IVF pregnancy one should be very careful about their health and hence special care should be needed for soon to be mothers. And, this care is even more crucial if the baby is developed through fertility treatments such as ICSI, IVF or IUI. For, it is a golden chance of being parents to a newborn and an extremely difficult job for the intended parents. The advantage for patients with infertility is that they are continuously and thoroughly monitored by experts in the process of IVF treatment. This reduces the chance for pregnancy complications, as for being under surveillance or supervision of expert people they are free from worries. Further, being in touch with the doctors on a regular basis keeps the would-be mother the chance to talk about the minutest symptoms if felt any during that period, which helps in early detection of factors that may be a threat which might pose a threat to pregnancy.
Few tips for would be mothers: In early pregnancy, weeks avoid intercourse, especially when following IVF pregnancy. To avoid morning sickness, during the first trimester eat small frequent meals instead of 3 large ones. If you feel or sense any unfavorable symptoms then immediately inform your doctor. Refrain from smoking and alcoholism. Although in the first few weeks of pregnancy mild spotting is observed, but careful observation should be taken, if this spotting comes up on regular basis with cramps and abdominal pain then immediate doctor advice is needed. To keep oneself active throughout the day during pregnancy one can opt for breathing exercise, yoga or meditation. Wait for your first antenatal scan, if you are excited about your pregnancy, for this scan helps in the examination of the baby’s heartbeat rate, development of the baby, detection of chromosomal abnormalities if any, and the possibility of miscarriage. All the above-mentioned points should be taken into consideration by the mothers to be. And the treatment given for infertility in IVF Dhaka is quite safe and pocket-friendly for many spouses who want to have a baby of their own in the coming future. The best method to follow during pregnancy is being positive in life, stay away from stress, and enjoy this journey of motherhood, for you deserve to be happy.

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