Have You Heard About These Causes Of Infertility?

Have You Heard About These Causes Of Infertility?

Many women in India suffer from the curse of infertility and are unable to conceive a child. Many women look for solutions for this problem and visit doctors or gynecologists to find a cure for this health issue. However, every woman must be prepared in advance to answer some personal questions asked by the doctor. To find out the main cause behind your infertility, you need to treat your gynecologist as your friend, so she can figure out the root cause. The specialist will put up a lot of questions and you need to give clear and true replies in order to find the cause behind the issue. Answer each of them honestly and without feeling modest, believe us this will enable the specialist to treat you better. The specialist may get some information about the consistency you’ve in your intercourses. This will give an idea as though you are really having required amount of intercourse to expand the odds of getting pregnant. We realize that all such questions might appear too embarrassing for you to answer, but they are important and can’t be kept away from. According to some research there are near 55% of the female populace in the childbearing age group have to face numerous medical issues, and one of the major among them is Endometriosis. It is the uterine lining which occurs outside the uterus line and gets destroyed off when menstrual cycle happens. Females suffering from Endometriosis may some of the time encounter substantial bleeding irregularly with a record of excessively numerous miscarriages. According to different medical research conducted in recent years, it was found that with the use of laparoscopic surgery, it is possible to evacuate the irregular tissue lining which can likewise unblock tubes. This surgery turned out to be a viable option to expand the rate of getting pregnant. Nearly 45% of the females have achieved success with this surgery. Some other well known reasons which are the root cause of infertility are: Blocked Or Damaged Fallopian Tubes: This issue limit or prevents the fertilised eggs to move into the uterus and furthermore sperm from meeting the eggs. PID Pelvic Inflammatory Disease: In this illness, the ovaries have an excessive number of tiny cysts that prevent the body from ovulating. Bad Quality Eggs: This issue emerges due to the age of the woman. The quantity of eggs continues to decline when the females are in their late 30’s or in the start of 40’s. In such cases, taking the assistance of donor eggs or surrogacy can be a good solution. For this, you can meet the best female gynecologists in Mumbai, and get proper treatment. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS): This problem has become one of the leading causes behind female infertility nowadays. In this problem, the ovaries have an excessive number of tiny cysts and don’t ovulate because of absence of hormonal balance.

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