Common Myths About Male Infertility

Common Myths About Male Infertility

Infertility is a problem that has integrally been associated with women. I do not think that history has even heard of a man been referred to barren. This is a title that has been reserved exclusively for men. In fact it took our society quite a while to understand the fact that male infertility could also be a possible reason why a couple is not able to have a child. Even then male infertility treatment as a topic has been approached with reluctance in most of the cases. We shall now make an attempt to trace the facts and myths about male infertility treatment.
The Facet of Age – It was believed for a long time that age in men does not affect their ability to father children. It took the society to understand and accept the fact that just like a woman even in men the aspect of age happens to affect their sperm power. The aspect of age affects sperm quality and also the number of sperms. Wear The Right Underwear – There has been a popular belief that if men do wear tight briefs it could affect their sperm production and also the quality of the sperms. However there has been no conclusive proof for this belief. Hence there is no give that extra importance to your boxers. Wear what you must wear and what you feel like wearing. Hot Baths Could is unfavorable – This is a fact however. If you as a couple are trying for a child then you must ask your husband to stay away from hot baths like the Jacuzzi or the sauna. This could otherwise adversely affect the sperm generation or the speed of the sperms mobility. No laptops on Laps – It has been proven yet again that the heat from the laptops could raise the temperature of the male scrotum where the sperms are made. This is a fact that is not exactly backed wit any strong evidence. However, as a special measure, if you are trying for a child please put the laptop on the table.
Cigarette Does Not Hurt – This is a myth big time. Tobacco smoking has super adverse effects on sperm generation amongst men. Hence this is a habit that must be done away with if you are trying for a child. Manage Weight – This is a truth. If you are trying for a child try to cut down on those extra inches in your waist. The above facts have been quantified by most of the prestigious and trusted centers offering male infertility treatment in Kolkata and other major metros of the country.

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