One Hail-fellow Epididymitis Orchitis Treatment
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One Hail-fellow Epididymitis Orchitis Treatment

Male epididymitis orchitis or testicular epididymitis is one of the most common diseases in the male reproductive system. Epididymitis orchitis is caused by infection of adjacent organs, which will burst into abrupt pain in the scrotum, produce swollen epididymis with tenderness, fever, epididymal induration, etc. Many testicular epididymitis is a secondary infection from the infection of urethra, prostate or seminal vesicle. Testicular epididymitis belongs to the range of Zi Yong in traditional Chinese medicine, which clinically manifest as sudden onset with pain in the scrotum, bulge, accompanied by fever, chills and other symptoms of systemic infection. And the Pain can be radiated to the groin, lower abdomen and perineum. Acute epididymitis orchitis is frequently caused by the spread of inflammation in urinary tract, prostatitis, and seminal vesiculitis along the vas deferens into epididymis. Blood supply infections are rare. Additionally, urethral instrument, frequent catheterization, ureter after prostatectomy can easily cause epididymitis. In fact, the most case of such disease is chronic epididymitis orchitis, which is mainly caused by incomplete treatment of the acute case. Chronic testicular epididymitis is usually caused by incomplete treatment of acute epididymitis. Diseased epididymis undergoes fibrosis and become hardened locally, with formation of scar in the epididymis tissue, occlusion of epididymal tubules, and infiltration of lymphocytes and plasma cells under microscope observation. The clinical manifestations of chronic epididymitis are not serious with some discomfort and dull pain. By local examination of the epididymis, there is lump accompanied by slight tenderness and discomfort as well as slight thickness in spermatic cord , and a thickening diameter of the vas deferens. When it refers to epididymitis orchitis treatment, antibiotics is widely-used, but a series of problems spring up, such as drug resistance and tolerance, and damage to liver and kidney. The two viscera play crucial roles in free flow of blood and qi circulation. And kidney, as we know, is responsible for reproduction, so damage to kidney will aggravate the severity of infertility. Recently, the hot button issue that about 50 thousand people died for the infection of drug tolerance annually in Europe and America. And over 2.1 million baby died for blood infection caused by antibiotics resistance in countries with low and middle income. There is a warning form WHO that the increasing annual death toll will attack the world by 2050 with the number of more than 10 thousand. It’s time to stop the use of antibiotics to resort to a more hail-fellow and secure epididymitis orchitis treatment. Herbal treatment, as a perfect alternative for antibiotics, has been proved to be free of side effects and drug resistance or tolerance to human, among which, Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is a well-developed and patented herbal formula with a fund of precious herbs growing naturally in the nature. Herbs are compatible with body and able to nourish viscera to keep them balanced and regular, which is essential in promoting fertility. What’s more, Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill has the functions of promoting blood circulation, soften hardness and dissipate mass, then the free blood can bring more effective materials into the lump and the softened lump can bring less obstruction to effective materials. Therefore, bacteria in lumps also can be cleared. What it boasts is the ability of killing bacteria and eliminating in a widespread range all over the reproductive tract like prostate, urethra, bladder, epididymis, testcles. In this way, the possible infection will be restrained in embryonic stage. If you want to know more about epididymitis orchitis and various male reproductive tract diseases or make an consultation, it’s available to visit our websit:

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