How Does Caffeine Affect Sperms
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How Does Caffeine Affect Sperms

Excessive consumption of caffeine, as part of a collection of other unhealthy exposures, which has been directly associated with some of the adverse effects on sperm. There is no known consistent evidence, which is linked with moderate consumption of caffeine to reduced sperm quantity, quality or motility. Quantity
When caffeine is consumed in an excessive amount, it is possible that it might adversely impact sperm production. A study in the April 2010 reported that the number and concentration slightly reduced in a group of 2,554 young Danish men with a high intake of caffeinated cola more, which is 14 0.5-liter bottles per week. However, the high rate of consumption also might tend to have more unhealthy habits, including smoking, drinking alcohol and eating less nutritious food, so it is unclear if the effects of sperm were due to these habits or something else. Some other studies have found that no relationship between sperm quantity and caffeine consumption is done. Motility The motility influences its ability for actively swimming and propelling itself through the female reproductive tract. Sperm is directly exposed to the caffeine in a laboratory, sperm motility, which is enhanced. However, this stimulatory effect has not been found in any studies involving caffeine consumption in men. In a report by the Practice Committee of the known American Society for Reproductive Medicine and the Society for Reproductive Endocrinology and a well-known Infertility published in the September 2013 issue of “Fertility and Sterility,” this particular committee of experts concluded that caffeine consumption in men has no known effect on the concentration of motile sperm. In case, you have a low sperm count, you might actually wonder if certain foods can enhance the numbers of it. Many foods have been touted for enhancing male fertility, there is inadequate scientific evidence that is supporting such claims, and certainly no food or nutrient is a magic bullet. However, certain nutrients and dietary factors also do not have a role in making sure that your sperm is very much active, healthy and abundant. A meal plan, which all includes a variety of foods like fish, fruits, vegetables, and whole grain, is known for providing the building blocks for optimal sperm quantity and quality.

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