Low Costs Lure Foreigners to India For Medical Care
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Low Costs Lure Foreigners to India For Medical Care

Medical procedures cost a lot of money today so, people have started to travel across to other countries and seek medical treatments that they may not otherwise be able to afford in their native nations. Today the medical tourism industry in India is touching multi million dollars. There is a huge influx of patients from overseas who are coming to India for the low cost associated to major medical processes and life changing surgeries like liver transplants in India, hip replacements, knee surgeries, cardio-logical procedures and even cancer treatments. It is projected that India gets more than 2.5% of the world’s medical tourists, the revenue from the same being more that $2.3 billion per annum. Most of these are tourist from UK and US, since the cost of procedures there is almost 10 times more than what it costs in India,

The healthcare services in India are of high quality and they have state-of-the-art infrastructure at their disposal. The doctors and medical professionals are skilled and most have got degrees and diplomas form well-known medical institutes aboard. All the hospitals have separate front office personnel setup to cater to the needs of a foreign patient, and ease they stay and treatment. The hospitals in India are contemporary, backed with high-end technical support giving excellent quality of medical care. There are quite a few super specialty hospitals in India who have separate wings for all the different procedures and medical fields, all under one roof, with the best of doctors and facilities in all the departments. This allures a lot of foreign patients to make medical trip to India. To further help the case medical concierge services have been setup that give-integrated service to a medical tourist. They handle the visa application process, search for accommodation, and help choose the correct hospital and doctor as per the patient’s need, coordinate with the hospital, keep a track of medical documents and papers and even help the patient in communicating with the hospital if language is an issue. The Indian government is also trying to further streamline processing by creating a centralized website which will serve as a comprehensive source of any kind of information that a medical tourist requires. They have also made the visa application and processing simpler and uncomplicated. For quite a few countries there if also the option of a visa on arrival, at the airport itself. All these factors make India an attractive place for Medical Tourist.

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