International Patients Care in India - Medical Tourism in India
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International Patients Care in India – Medical Tourism in India

In the last few years we have seen a huge boom in the number of people traveling to India for medical treatments from all over the globe. The quality of healthcare services in India is world class and at power with what is available anywhere in the world, like the US or the UK. What’s more the cost of medical procedure is almost one tenth of what it costs in these countries. The future of Medical Tourism in India The medical tourism industry is projected to be around $9 million US dollars by 2020. Most patients visiting are coming for Liver transplants to India, Hip replacements, knee replacements, cancer treatments and exploring native Indian medical treatments like yoga, Ayurveda and rejuvenation therapy. India has always been popular amongst foreigners who are looking at holistic healing through native medicinal treatments that heal the physical body and mend the spirit too. The southern states of the country like Kerala have innumerable centers that provide world-class services and treatments to foreign patients and help heal their mind, body and soul. Medical concierge servicesto help the patient All major hospitals in India have set up medical concierge services to assist the patients and their attendants during their stay and treatment. These help in language translation of medical documents, assistance in visa applications, airport transfers, and hotel or room bookings and even provide an interpreter to help in translation if the patient requires it. Reason India is popular for its health care services -The main reason for India to be attractive as a healthcare destination is the price tag involved with medical procedures and surgeries. Since the living cost in India is also less in comparison to most other countries, it is pocket friendly if a patient and his family may have to stay for long periods for procedures or post operative care. -The facilities and expertise is of high quality and the fees involved are far less than what a patient has to shell out in their native countries. The hospitals provide high level of privacy and confidentiality with medical reports and documents. Most modern methods and surgical techniques are there at the disposal of a patient visiting India. There is no wait time involved while applying for a medical procedure in India. Within 2 to 3 days of application or request any major surgery will take place. Unlike aboard where it may take weeks for a patient on a waiting list before his turn comes.

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