What is The Latest Innovative Product For Telemedicine?
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What is The Latest Innovative Product For Telemedicine?

The future of telehealthhas never looked brighter, because there are a number of innovations now being released that are destined to have a big impact on improving patient care. Since these devices are being rolled out with such surprising regularity, it may be a little difficult to determine what is the latest innovative product for telemedicine. Telemedicine Telemedicine or telehealth involves the use of telecommunications technologyto provide healthcare for patients in remote locations. The success of telemedicine hinges on the manufacture of products that are adaptive and relevant to both patients, and health care providers. Implementing telemedicine has not been without its obstacles, but patients, healthcare facilities, and medical providers have all come to the realization that it is very beneficial and cost effective. This has led to increasing competition among manufacturers of medical IT solutions for hospitals, medical professionals, and medical device companies. Telemedicine technology is therefore becoming increasingly sophisticated, as developers recognize the gains that can be made by improving patient care. As a result, greater focus is being placed on products that boost patient engagement and clinical efficiency. Infotainment system with eye tracking technology One of the most advanced telemedicine products to come on the market recently, is a bedside table equipped with eye tracking technology. The groundbreaking product was developed by Onyx HealthcareUSA, Inc, located in Orange, CA. The infotainment system features a 15″ PC panel that has a built in monitor arm. The lightweight PC panel has a hot swap battery system that ensures interrupted service. Bedside infotainment systems are now an integral part of the healthcare environment, and have played a huge role in raising patient satisfaction. These systems typically combine entertainment and information features along with computer capabilities, and access to clinical information. Infotainment systems are generally controlled with the use of a touchscreen terminal, or remote control. While this is an easy to use solution for many, it can prove problematic for patients with physical limitations. Equipping bedside infotainment systems with eye tracking technology is therefore highly beneficial for this group of patients. This state-of-the-art system allows them greater independence, as they are able to control the bedside terminal with eye movements. Benefits When it comes to infotainment systems, patient satisfaction is uppermost and bedside systems with eye tracking technology meets that goal. The communication choices available with this system allow patients to keep in touch with family and friends while in the health facility, as they can communicate via phone, skype, and more. These patients can also enjoy personalized entertainment by watching movies, surfing the web, and listening to music,whatever they like. It’s an excellent way to beat the boredom that patients often struggle with when they are confined to bed. Patients can also view their medical records, and send out alerts to a physician or nurse. Patients with physical limitations also feel a sense of empowerment when they are able to operate their bedside terminal without any help. They can do this whenever they need to, and don’t have to be concerned about getting the attention of the nurse when they would like to make a call or watch television. They can do it all on their own. Infotainment terminals not only enhance the patient experience, they also improve clinical efficiency and reduce errors. They provide medical staff easy access to a patient’s health records in real-time. This allows clinicians to interact more readily with patients, and also enables them to provide the best possible care. Onyx Healthcare USA, Inc The emergence of the infotainment terminal with eye tracking capability is an impressive development for the healthcare industry. It underlines Onyx Healthcare’s commitment to offer advanced technological solutions that medical facilities need to provide patient-centric care. The range of products we manufacture are cost-effective, durable, and interoperable. Onyx recognizes that innovations in telemedicine will help to enrich quality of care, and lower costs. We manufacture medical computers, tablets, infotainment terminals, and other devices that the healthcare delivery system needs to serve patientsefficiently.

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