Ensure Your Loved One Has a Personal Alarm
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Ensure Your Loved One Has a Personal Alarm

The alarming statistic for over-65-year-olds falling at least once per year stands at over 50%. Most of the people who suffer from falls live in care, which is unfortunate as it shows falls aren’t always necessarily prevented if the person receives domiciliary care. Additionally, when someone falls, the real damage is often caused by waiting for someone to pick them up off the floor. A vast number of elderly people are left for hours, and sometimes days, as they are unable to get themselves up to their feet. The psychological effects this can bring have a great negative impact, to the point where the people who experience falls feel vulnerable in their own home. Therefore, certain measures must be implemented, such as a personal alarm. The following article outlines its usefulness. A personal alarm is extremely beneficial when coincided with home care jobs, as it provides not only your loved one with a safety net but the carers too. The alarm can resolve the main issue with falls: the time waiting for help. It has promising outcomes for older people, as it provides peace of mind at an affordable price. Anyone with a disability or long term condition can invest in an alarm, though anyone in need of one can too benefit from one.

Those in domiciliary care will find the technology especially useful, as those who live alone are at a higher risk of falling. When people who receive or live in care fall, they typically cannot reach a phone, which is why over 65s are high in number for visiting trauma wards in hospitals. The alarm acts as a button in the form of a necklace or bracelet for them to wear, which they can press to signal for help. This enables the elderly to still live independently, without the worry they won’t be able to call for help should they need it. Carers in home care jobs encourage anyone in care to purchase a personal alarm as they are so simple to install. The unit requires power from a plug socket and, depending on the internet connection, it will need a connection to a telephone socket or to be paired with WIFI. Once the alarm unit is fitted, a test is needed to ensure it is functioning correctly. If your loved ones live in care, rest assured it’s a small, easily hidden piece of equipment which is also waterproof, so it can be worn whilst bathing. If your loved one ever needs to raise the alarm, someone who works in home care jobs will be alerted through 24/7 telecare services. Additionally, other emergency contacts, such as yours, will be stored on their databases ready to call if the alarm is pressed. It’s wise to consider buying a personal alarm, especially if your family member receives domiciliary care, as they won’t always have someone at hand to aid them if they fall. This quick, easy to install solution can bring so many advantages to your family member’s living situation, so heavy considerations should be made for this piece of life-changing technology.

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