Best Infant Radiant Warmer Manufacturer
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Best Infant Radiant Warmer Manufacturer

What is Infant Radiant Warmers? Radiant warmers are used to control the body temperature of a new born baby. This is smartly done so that the energy spent for metabolic warm up production is reduced. Whether it is a new born baby in nursery or NICU, warmers keep the patients warm, relaxed and fit. Warmers are available in different choices to work with extra baby care products. Different types of features The best Infant radiant warmer manufacturer offers you a digital and microprocessor base controller comes with a complete spectrum of characteristics. The radiant warmer are available in manual baby servo/air modes. Two function control modes give the clinician more comfortable while optimizing the thermal atmosphere. Two digital temperature displays permit comfortable image of patient hotness and fix point. Moreover, the skin temperature display is larger than the other set/air temperature display. Skin temperature display can be turned from Celsius to Fahrenheit by the push of a button. A full complement of alarms gives safety and comfortable with both audible and visual pointers in the happening of: High Temperature/Low temperature, probe failure, power failure Manual Mode The system begins heating automatically from 40% in manual mode and the same can be altered through locale to 99%. The system mechanically turns from servo style into manual mode case of probe failure, thus offering continuously working of the unit. The high and low temperature alarm timings can be managed as per the patient’s situation. The radiant warmer features a self-ambient atmosphere probe with high the heating competence around the choice of working ambience. A large LCD is offered for details & idea of the heater power in handbook and servo form. The system automatically changes from servo modes into handbook mode in case of probe failure, thus offering continuous working of the parts. Heater Assembly The heater assembly is installed at the top of the support structure contains an important test light and more than 600 watts of heating system (Ceramic heater) for immediate warming and even sharing of heat on the baby bed. The heater can be rotated in either way for taking X-ray or doing process. Technical designs Electrical terms Height: 1850mm. Power supply – 200V / 50Hz Length: 1050mm. Heater Power – 650 Watt Width: 6050mm. Fuse – 5 Amps. Castors The system is fixed with 4 inch high-class castors having brakes in 2 face castors. Antistatic castors can be fixed as an option for additional safety in lieu of the normal castors.

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