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Quick Action Tips for Seniors Falling Out of Bed

With growing age comes the need for intense care and keen attention to avoid any health issues or mis-happenings. During old age, it’s common to witness different problems, and falling out of bed is one such critical problem.

Nowadays, many SafeSleep Systems are already available in the market that can skip the ‘falling out of bed’ problem. Still, many a time, seniors fell off the bed before opting for any safety system.

So, what should you do in such a scenario?

Before that, first, you must understand why old age people fall off the bed?

  • Recovery from any surgery lowers the immunity and affects mobility.
  • REM behavior disorder, where the sleeper isn’t able to move out of the dream.
  • Change of medication sometimes impacts adversely and results in falling from the bed.
  • Change in place which commonly affects the older people mentally.
  • Change of furniture, bed, or sleeping environment plays a vital role in delivering healthy and sound sleep for people of all age groups.
  • Any vision problem that makes it tough to move appropriately around the bed.

This brings a vast list of causes; hence it demands some quick tips that can help you handle this problem without delay.

Below listed are some quick action tips you should follow immediately after your senior fell from the bed.

Call 911:

If the older person isn’t able to get-up and has collapsed, calling 911 for a medical emergency is the foremost step to follow. You (newbie) can’t evaluate the consequences and level of injury, so call the doctor for quick first aid. In some cases, you can even call your doctor for quick home remedies to bring your senior to the conscious stage until the doctor arrives at your doorstep.

Analyze any New Illness:

Unexpected falling may be a sign of new illness in older people. So, prefer to diagnose them through full body checkup to fetch any health issues and treat them simultaneously. Many health issues like dehydration, anemia, urinary tract infection, pneumonia, and more lower immunity in old age people and results in such consequences.

Check Blood Pressure & Pulse Rate:

The unexpected falling from the bed is associated with fainting and light-headedness. Unbalanced Blood pressure or pulse rate can cause them to experience fainting. So, test the blood pressure and pulse rate to determine any swing in the pulse oximeter. If your family has a blood pressure-related hereditary problem, the probability is high, which you shouldn’t neglect at any cost.

Review New Medication:

As mentioned earlier, new medications can also impact the order’s health. It’s recommended reviewing your entire medication (including new and old medicines), which might increase the falling risk. Change in medications can not only cause falling risk but also results in other health issues that aren’t diagnosed initially.

To be honest, older people witness more injury than a young guy. So, it’s crucial to ensure your elders are protected from common old-age problems and enjoy a long life ahead.