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There are many times that we say to the day that we are stressed, that we want to disconnect, that we need to get home or a vacation on the beach. The new meditation technique called Mindfulness or full consciousness is being practiced in the last decade and is the key to our survival in this accelerated society. There are many benefits that meditation can offer us in our daily routine. But what is mindfulness meditation? What is the difference between meditation and mindfulness? How is mindfulness meditation practiced at home?

The Mindfulness meditation concept

There is a clear difference between meditation and mindfulness. Mindfulness courses are the same as meditation but separating all the religious nuance that has the same and combining elements of concentration meditation and analytical. Meditation focuses on mindfulness, here and now, achieving a state of attention focused on concentration and relaxation, a thought or even an element of perception. However, mindfulness meditation can be understood as a twist to what we understand as traditional meditation, without a religion and a marked philosophy of life.

Why start practicing mindfulness meditation?

There are many benefits offered by mindfulness meditation and the exercises you can find to start practicing are very simple. Among the benefits of mindfulness meditation you can find the following:

  • Help to know how our mind works
  • Strengthens our immune system
  • Increase energy and reduce the need to rest
  • Protects our body against anxiety and stress
  • It ends with the insomnia problems
  • Mindfulness reduces blood pressure
  • Improves memory and concentration
  • Increase self-awareness

4 mindfulness exercises to practice at home

Currently there are many therapies that are based on the principles of mindfulness meditation. The meditation and mindfulness exercises are a perfect complement to the sport and are also as effective as sleeping pills or antidepressants; they help establish a routine and avoid relapses.

  1. Counts up to 10

This meditation exercise tries to close your eyes, focus on concentration and calmly count to 10. If you deconcentrate and think of something other than telling, you have to start over. This type of meditation needs a lot of concentration.

  1. Listen to music

Turning on the radio or putting on helmets and listening to music has many benefits when it comes to meditating and is a useful tool to practice mindfulness in a routine way. In this exercise the music will serve to evade the mind of all noises and thus achieve the calming effects that are achieved with music. The ideal is to choose a song that you have never heard.

  1. Meditate for a minute

The breathing is very important when performing an exercise in mindfulness meditation. That’s why breathing deeply for one minute a day helps connect with your body.

  1. Choose a point of care

One of the Mindfulness meditation techniques tries to fix a point in front and leave the look there. There will be many distractions that will try to stop looking at that particular point, but no, you must keep your gaze in the same place until the distractions disappear.

With the practice of the type of mindfulness meditation, you try to reach a deep state of relaxation and for that you have to follow a series of exercises like those that have just been shown. The ideal is to practice mindfulness in a comfortable place without noise and with a pleasant temperature. There are many people who prefer to meditate in their garden, in a park, on their terrace, in spaces that are outdoors, but it has to be a place without distractions.