Ido Fishman Shares Tips to Help you Stick to your Workout

Even the most devoted fitness freaks can fall off the wagon some time. Regular strength training, cardio workouts and healthy eating could take a toll on you and even the thought of doing all of it again can seem exhausting. It can happen to anyone and you shouldn’t let it bring you down. Instead, Ido Fishman says that your focus should be on figuring out how to get back to working out after a hiatus and actually stick to it. Can it be done? Yes, you can do it and here are some tips that can be immensely useful:

  • Find a workout buddy

You have probably heard this a million times before, but it has to be said because it produces results. Ido Fishman says that you should find a workout buddy because they can offer you the motivation and accountability you need to stick to your exercise routine. After all, you cannot skip a session because your buddy will be waiting.

  • Get a dog

If you have been looking for a reason to get a dog, this just might be it. Ido Fishman suggests that you rescue a furry friend because they will get you outdoors and keep you moving. Even if you are taking 10 minute walks thrice a day, it can be a good physical activity for you and your pet.

  • Start with baby steps

Rushing into your gym routine is going to end up frustrating you and lead to a burnout. Ido Fishman says that you should not dive in headfirst. It is smarter to dip your toes in for a little while and take baby steps. Work out just a few days and see how you feel. You can add things slowly and let yourself get used to it.

  • Get new workout clothes

Nothing can motivate you to stick to your workout regimen than buying an entire wardrobe for doing so. Sure, you might think it is vain to shell out money on tanks, tights, shoes and shorts, but Ido Fishman says that you are investing in your health. If a couple of clothing items can motivate you, then it is worth it.

  • Switch your routine

One of the biggest reasons why people often fall off the wagon is because they are bored. This is when you need to change your pace and Ido Fishman recommends that you switch your routine. Instead of lifting weights or logging miles on the treadmill, you can go swimming, or decide to walk in the park instead. You can join a yoga studio, or try a different machine.

  • Change your gym

Just like switching your exercises can help, so can a change in scenery. Ido Fishman says that you can also try out different gyms, as many of them offer you free trials and find one that offers you the amenities you want.

  • Work out for 10 minutes

Only 10 minutes? That’s right. When you are having a hard time finding the energy and motivation to exercise, Ido Fishman says that you should just decide to do it for 10 minutes. The idea is that once you get started, it is unlikely that you would stop until you have done the whole shot.

  • Make preparations the night before

It may sound a bit tedious, but Ido Fishman suggests that you prepare for your workout the night before. This means choosing your workout gear, packing your gym bag and preparing your shake. When you are already prepped for it, you will have less excuses to put it off and it will push you out the door.

  • Do exercises you enjoy

If you are unable to motivate yourself to work out, it is probably because you are doing exercises you don’t enjoy. Ido Fishman recommends that you opt for the ones that you can enjoy because this will get you to stick in the long run.