The Complete Guide to Use and Maintain Your N95 Respirators

With the onset of the pandemic COVID 19 the use of face masks as a protective and preventive gear has been advised and followed widely. The concept behind wearing a face mask is to protect oneself from the entry of COVID virus through mouth and nose. This is the simple logic behind wearing respiratory mask.

One other use or application of these masks are when an infected person wears it, it prevents their contaminated saliva from being released out in the air. There are many different types of masks, each meant for specific purpose.

There are disposable, one time use masks to reusable masks like the FDA approved N95 masks. You can buy any of them directly from their manufacturing companies like The Custom Earth Promos. They specialize in making environmentally friendly promotional products for corporates using recycled materials.

They are now into the production of masks as well after the COVID outbreak. They have listed a wide variety and collection of masks on their website. You can directly buy any of their product as per your requirement from here, after you have browsed and read about all of these masks.

What are N95 respirators?

These are nothing but a specific kind of face mask that are recommended by the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health of the United States for effective filtration of airborne particles up to 95%. This is manufactured adhering to the specified standards and approved by the FDA only if the products meet the standards specified.

The inner layers of the masks are made with non-woven polypropylene fabric for filtration. These are fine mesh of synthetic polymer fibers and are produced by melt blowing. It filters out hazardous particles.

Certain practices for the extended use of your N95 respirators

Here are some tips and practices to take good care of your N95 respirators.

  • After the use of these masks, it should be removed carefully and stored right.
  • There is a specific regime to remove your N95 respirators and you need to follow the same when you have to remove your masks after use.
  • After sanitizing your hands, remove your masks touching only the insides of it.
  • The N95 respirators should not be reused if they are wet, creased, contaminated or if the shape is distorted.
  • If the mask is visually free of any contamination, store it well ventilated, for example, in a paper bag.
  • Make sure your write the name of the user and the date on the paper bag.
  • After storing the mask as per the guideline, before reusing, perform the routine of hand sanitization.
  • Check for any visual contamination or distortion and use only if they are absent.
  • Check if the masks are breathable. Do not use if you find it difficult to breathe.

So, keeping yourself protected with the right kind of protective gears, using it as per their instructions and taking good care of your protective gear help alleviate corona spread.

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