Testosterone Therapy for Older Men

Is testosterone therapy a good idea for heart disease?

Many people get testosterone therapy for various reasons. Some do it because they’ve tried other treatments and nothing has worked. Others do it because they feel their testosterone level needs it. Still others may have a disorder of the liver that requires testosterone supplements.

But is testosterone therapy effective for heart problems?

Recent studies are mixed. Small studies conducted in the mid-2000s showed that men with mild heart failure who had undergone testosterone therapy had some improvement. However, some of the patients weren’t able to improve their walking distance at all.

And those who did seem to see an improvement noted that their libido was lower than before, possibly because of the hypogonadism. One study did find that there were fewer heart attacks, but the benefits were probably more due to an improved mood and increased energy.

Other benefits of testosterone therapy include improved sexual drive, increased muscle mass, increased muscle strength, increased libido and improved mood and intimacy desires. Testosterone does seem to have benefits when it comes to muscle growth.

It does seem to promote muscle growth, but whether this benefit is testosterone-driven or caused by other causes is unclear. Some studies show that it promotes muscle growth, but other research shows that it doesn’t. Perhaps these conflicting results are caused by how the testosterone is measured and if there are other causes of muscle growth such as body fat accumulation.

There are some possible, but not likely side effects from testosterone therapy for those with a medical condition or from taking other medications. Some potential side effects include low sperm count and abnormal hair growth on the head. These side effects usually go away when the medical professional ends the treatment. Other potential side effects include low bone density, acne on the skin and enlargement of the testicles.

The benefits of testosterone therapy can help improve many aspects of a person’s life, but it is important to discuss the risks and benefits with a medical professional. Some people may not be able to tolerate testosterone therapy because of medical conditions.

If you are at risk for these conditions, you should discuss treatment options testosterone therapy West Palm Beach before beginning testosterone therapy. You should discuss symptoms levels with your doctor, too. It is important to know if you could benefit from testosterone therapy and to know what your symptoms are so you can discuss them with your doctor.

Whether testosterone therapy is right for you depends on your goals and your symptoms.

For example, many doctors prefer to begin testosterone therapy with mild hypogonadism as opposed to treating severe hypogonadism. Many doctors want to get the testosterone levels back into the normal range by starting with hypogonadism first,

since this condition is easier to treat and has fewer complications. Your doctor will be able to help you decide whether testosterone therapy is right for you and how long therapy will take.