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My belly fat loss story

Although getting rid of belly fat is a very hard task I did it without taking help of anyone and I actually lost 10 pounds that too in 3 weeks. By maintaining a diet plan and regular exercise added in my daily routine. After losing fat, it makes me feel like I am totally healthy. I have found that which food item is good for and which is not so it is easy for me to keep myself away from that particular product. The best thing about getting rid of fat is that I have become happier, slimmer and healthier. Since I had digestion problem in the past and the same goes for the extra fat of the body. We were four in the number who follows the same diet plan and astonishingly all of us lost our extra fat just in 3 weeks. Along with me the three of them also realize the same thing that their body becomes healthier and slimmer as compared to their previous body.

My eating habits have changed since I get to know which food product is better for the health of my body and regular exercise brings a lot of positive changes in my body as well. The weight loss also helps me in taking good sleep, now I sleep like a baby without any stress and you will see calmness on my face while sleeping. I have started doing the activities more energetically. With the help of a proper diet, good sleep and exercise my skin is glowing more and growth of hair also increases as my hair got what my actually required for their growth. It also helps in improving my digestion system, now I never feel cramp and bloated. As we all know that if your digestion system is working properly you do not have worry about anything because other systems of your body also get corrected or work properly if digestion system does. Moreover, helps me a lot.

By God grace, I get to know about the food product which is good for my health and the same may not happen in your case then you can visit a doctor and consult him, he will recommend you a proper diet plan, exercise and also let you know about your allergies and other food product which is not good for your health. Although it will take time if you follow this procedure, you will feel yourself that the things are changing in a good way in your life. First, you may found difficult to be on strict diet plan and exercises but later on, you will start enjoying it, as the same goes in my case. It was very difficult for me to adopt these changes as I am a big time foodie, I actually love to eat a variety of food. But once you start following a proper diet plan your body starts craving for that diet. It is not that you will never able to taste your favorite food items when you lose the extra fat from your body, you can eat the food of your choice but within a limit and work out is a must. By doing proper exercise or work out, you will be in shape.