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How are drugs addictive, and why is dependency different?

There is a slight difference between addiction and dependency, and it is sometimes tough to understand. However, we often use the words interchangeably because of a lack of knowledge. By understanding how drugs are addictive, you will be able to know how it can form dependency.

Dependency means that you are dependent on something, both physically and mentally. However, dependency can be differentiated based on the amount of tolerance and capacity to withdraw. Even if you are not addicted, you can grow dependent on a particular drug; after dependency comes addiction.

Addiction can be identified by a change in personality or behavior caused by the drugs that produce biochemicals in the brain. Continuous drug abuse can result in drug addiction; after a point, addicts start to neglect their health and hygiene and make drugs their main priority. They start behaving differently and irritably if they do not have substance inside their body.

The difference between addiction and dependence

Once you have understood the above, you will now be able to take steps against it easily. However, if you sense that you are not addicted until now, confirm it by knowing the difference between addiction and dependency.

It is easy to identify if you have developed a dependency on drugs because of the withdrawal symptoms. But it’s not easy to identify addiction. When they try to withdrawal, they will experience abnormal feelings, a sense of irritability, and anxiety.

Suppose a person is not experiencing a behavioral change like anger or depression or is less interested in the job. In that case, he may not be suffering from addiction. If you notice some changes in behavior minutely, you will know how drugs are addictive. In alcohol addiction, you may also suffer from family problems and relationship loss.

If you are hurting someone or yourself due to drug use, you are in a severe drug addiction stage. But if you can prevent yourself from using drugs or alcohol, you can say that you are not an addict. Independency, even your family, can help you overcome drug use.

You may also face social networking problems at work resulting in job loss or school problems and may get involved in legal trouble. But you do not face such consequences in case of dependency; you will be able to control your craving when needed.

Different phases of dependency

It will be hard to recognize how drugs are addictive if you do not know the different severity of the dependency. If people consume a substance that is addictive for a long time, they become dependent on it. The dependency is severe if you are injecting or snorting the drug. It also increases the tolerance level at a larger rate, so you will have to consume a larger quantity to get high after a time. When they withdraw from such drugs, they feel tired, depressed, and face trouble focussing. If you want to know how drugs can harm you, then click on the link

However, suppose you are using cocaine or meth benders after a point. In that case, the tolerance level becomes so high that you will not get high even if consumed at any level. When withdrawing from the drug, you feel crashed but can be overcome in a few days.


It can surprise you how drugs are addictive. They can influence anyone in a short time and changes a person fully and completely.

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