Benefits of an Online Personal Trainer

Reaching your goals, on your own time, with no extra thought involved. Someone else creates your workout program based off of your goals and guidelines and you follow through with it on your own time. Online Personal Training by Endorphitness is a great way to reach your growth goals from home. Each week you connect via email or phone call to touch base about the previous week, make adjustments to your program and set intentions for the week to come. Online training takes the guessing out of your workout routine and allows you to work with a professional that can get you results, without having to schedule a time. And if you don’t have a gym membership but want to lose weight, you can workout from home. And if you like the gym and want to lift weights, you can go to the gym and follow your program on your own time. So, what better way to reach your goals than with online personal training?

Online personal training can be done a few different ways:

  1. Online Coaching:

Online coaching is what I just explained above. Having a written program that you go to the gym (or do at home) on your own time. There is accountability involved because you are paying for a service, and someone is frequently checking in on you. But, it is up to you to do the workouts daily. And it is up to you to eat healthy and stay on track! This is a great option for someone who is motivated, or maybe already has a workout schedule down and they just want to take the guesswork out of things. Maybe you aren’t sure how to program a workout to reach your goals.Online coaching allows you to work one on one with someone who is going to write a program for you designed for your goals; whether that be weight loss, gaining muscle, metabolic conditioning or even running techniques. Just pull up your program and start working.

  1. Skype Training:

Skype training is just as it sounds, personal training via video call! This is a great option for those who need a little bit more accountability, but still don’t want to go into  a brick and mortar location. The coach still writes all the programming for you, tailored to your goals, but your training sessions are instead done with your coach present. This gives them the ability to show you all the moves, coach you through it and the added accountability of having someone waiting on you!

Online personal training is great for those who want a workout program written for them, with the flexibility to do it on your own time. There is no scheduling around someone elses availability, or having to rush from work straight to the gym. You can workout early mornings, or late nights, or at 1 o’clock in the afternoon when you have free time! It is the best of both worlds. Not to mention, you have no limitations. You don’t have to settle for the personal trainer that is closest to home that you don’t think is educated or knows what they are doing. You can do your research, find a reputable coach that has a background that you trust and it doesn’t matter where they live! Get motivated, get results, and get it on your own time.