Make The Best of Your Visit to A Pediatrician in Silver Spring
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Make The Best of Your Visit to A Pediatrician in Silver Spring, MD

Regular screening and health checkups are important to ensure that a child is growing as needed. It is also the opportunity to learn from your pediatrician in Silver Spring, MD about how to keep your little one healthy and safe, and also discuss concerns or ask questions that you may have. To make the most of every such visit, here are a few tips that can be of help. Choose the right time

Pediatric visits are important, and so is your baby’s schedule. It is a good idea to schedule an appointment that does not coincide with your baby’s feeding or napping time lest they get cranky. Before the visit, feed your child, change diapers, and do all that is needed to keep them in a good mood. Pack snacks and toys. Also pick a time slot when the clinic isn’t at its peak hours, so that you don’t have to wait for long hours. Also, if you need extra time to discuss details with the pediatric, let the clinic know in advance, so that they can plan the schedule accordingly. Dress up the baby appropriately Pediatric examinations may require the doctor to take off the baby’s clothes. Using multi-layer clothes or those with too many fasteners like snaps can be troublesome to remove. Instead, dress up your baby in something that’s simpler, and easier to take off. Also, remember to remove clothes and footwear yourself, so that your little one feels comfortable. Go prepared

A pediatric screening in Silver Spring, MD is also a good time to discuss your questions or doubts with your baby’s doctor. So, before you hit the clinic, list down all the questions or concerns that you have in mind. Take note of any unusual development such as erratic sleep patterns, poor feeding habits, extreme fussiness etc. Taking photographs or videos of issues at hand such as a rash, can help the doctor determine the problem and give out solutions with ease. Be prepared also to answer generic or specific questions about your baby’s health. Remember, it is important to be honest, and not to hide or give false details fearing that your parenting skills maybe judged. Also, speak up freely and never worry about asking a ‘stupid’ question. Every child is different and so are parenting woes. Resolving the concerns or doubts you have in mind is the best means to put them away without bringing any harm to your child. Be there for your baby No one knows your baby better than you, so be his/her advocate when needed. If there is any part of the screening that scares your baby or turns him/her cranky, discuss it with your doctor or nurse, and ask for it to be put off till the end. Also, approach the examination with a calm mind and body, because there’s nothing more re-assuring to the baby than a parent who approves of the pediatrician.

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