How Expected Parents Can Well Prepare For Birth Defects in Singapore
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How Expected Parents Can Well Prepare For Birth Defects in Singapore

Singapore is now experiencing a high rate of birth defects that is common among the children due to pollution, no proper diet or any hereditary reason. As per the report, about 2 in every 100 births face various defects and due to this, couples should be well prepared in advanced to provide quality treatment. This defect may be of structural like congenital heart conditions, cleft lip or palate, deformed limbs or spinal defects and the functional defects may be related to hearing, visual, brain development or metabolic disorders. Medical treatment for all these defects cost high and people often are not prepared for it. Considering the increasing rate of such problems during maternity, companies have entered the market to provide personalised maternity insurance plans for delivery in different partnered hospitals in Singapore. Any birth defects should be provided special care and attention from the hospitals. Thus, hospitals covered in the maternity plan are balanced and has a qualified team of doctors, equipment, sections, etc. These insurance companies also ensure that hospitals partnered are reputed and never compromise on the quality of the treatment for infant and the mother. The main intention of the hospital and the insurance company is to serve couples in a unique way to welcome their new baby in their life.

For getting complete details of the hospital and facilities that you get in the maternity package, you can avail the facility of maternity tours. In this, you are invited to see the childbirth facilities that you get during delivery. These tours and events are free that are organised to educate people and make expected mothers to be familiar with the place where they will spend few days. In this tour, couples can meet doctors, physicians, midwives and can clear doubts regarding the facilities and related to delivery. For applying for the maternity tours, you need to register for it prior few days of delivery. In this, you will see labour room, delivery units and birth center rooms. You can also get the list of hospitals listed in the package and pick the best one as per your suitability. The main intention of the insurance plans and other elements is to make deliver a safe and affordable for every individual in Singapore. It is the peace of mind that new mother should get and enjoy the new member in their home rather than worry about the expensive medical bills or defects in the child.

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