Factors to Consider While Selecting A Pediatrician in Gaithersburg
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Factors to Consider While Selecting A Pediatrician in Gaithersburg, MD!

Finding a good child specialist for your babies is a very important step towards parenting. Since in the first year of baby’s birth, there are multiple visits to your pediatrician for vaccines and child care, it is extremely important to find a good doctor who can connect well with the child and understand their problems. How to verify the doctor’s credentials It is equally important to verify your doctors’ credentials. Whether he/she is an MD just a diploma holder. Parents should be confident enough before letting the doctor handle their little one. He/she can be verified by – ● AAP Member: Mostly the potential pediatricians in America are a member of this community. It is American Academy of Pediatricians. ● Board member: A pediatrician has to write and clear a tough exam to become a board-certified pediatrician. Else just passing the medical college wouldn’t make him a board member. Factors to consider while selecting a pediatrician for your little one – 1. Child’s response to medicines! The best pediatrician in the town may not suit your child, or the child may not respond to him or his medicines in the required way. Hence, finalizing upon a pediatrician for a long run should be based upon the child’s response to the doctor. 2. Is the pediatrician updated with latest medical advances? With rapid advancements in technology and science, it is really important that the doctor should be well updated with medical advancements. New vaccines, new viral/infection knowledge and its cure etc. 3. Are they available over the call? At times, a child needs urgent treatment wherever he / she is. It is important that the doctor should provide on-call treatments in the emergency. At times babies become so cranky and irritated that it is difficult to take the child to the hospital. At such times on – call support is really helpful. 4. Does your doctor encourage discussions and educates you about the child’s health care and behavior? Doctors should encourage discussion and should educate the parents from time to time about child’s eating habits, behavior, healthcare etc. A good doctor would always encourage discussion sessions with their patients. 5. Is he/she geographically reachable? For new-born babies and toddlers, it is very essential that their doctor should be closer to their place. At times of emergencies, and ill health, doctor’s closer to the place really helps in immediate treatment. Choosing a pediatrician is absolutely a personal decision. No matter if you have the world’s best doctor on speed dial if you are not comfortable asking her advice. So, go ahead and choose the perfect one for your kid!

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